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The Shepherd's Voice Christian Ministries has a proven prophetic ministry that spans over 40 years in Canada, England and the United States. Hundreds of people have received miracles, healings and powerful prophecies that have impacted their lives. Ian will share some of these wonderful experiences as he preaches the uncompromising word of God with "SIGNS FOLLOWING".

Ian will also impart how God called him and equipped him through the power & anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT; confirmed through several separate prophecies in three countries.

The Shepherd's Voice Christian Ministries is affiliated with the global movement called Fellowship of Christian Assemblies (FCA) a family of autonomous, evangelical churches and ministries with historical roots within the Pentecostal movement. There are more than 400 Ministers associated with FCA in Canada. FCA has churches across Canada and throughout the world. We are a non-denominational ministry, although our roots came from a Pentecostal background.

We are called of God to share in carrying out the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We affirm our commitment to both local church autonomy and interchurch cooperation as biblical norms for our life and ministry. We also affirm our call to work in the spirit of love and unity with all true believers in our common ministry within the Kingdom of God. 

Ian Oliver


Born June 29th 1949 in Nottinghamshire England. 

Ian Graduated Radcliffe Secondary School – June 1963 Diploma of Education – Passed with Credit, equivalent to one year University in Canada.

Ian has many Post Secondary courses and training, especially in the field of “Care Giving” for Developmentally Handicapped Persons. Both he and his wife Glenda, have been care givers to various persons with several organizations over the past 20 years.

Founder and President of The Shepherd’s Voice Christian Ministries. This ministry has been operating since 1978 and has witnessed hundreds of miracles and God’s people being encouraged and edified.

Ian was in the full time pastorate from 1976 through 1987, with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) Maritimes district.

Ian and Glenda were married on July 28th 1989.

He started his first business when he was 16yrs old. By the time he was 20, he was earning an excellent income, which was mostly wasted on his lifestyle. Then on August 22nd 1971, in his early 20’s, Jesus transformed his life. Within 1 day he was a completely new person - totally delivered from alcohol, smoking and foul language. Within 3 months of his conversion, he was called to the ministry directly by Jesus and commissioned to: 

     Do exploits for Jesus.
     Edify the Body of Christ.
     Establish the truth.
     Lift up and magnify Jesus Christ. 

This was confirmed by three prophetic words from God in three countries, Nottingham - England, Toronto – Canada and Rome, NY. USA.

He was clearly told by the Holy Spirit, that he would be taught and led completely by Him. This has been evident down through the years, with many signs and wonders following the preaching of God’s word. After spending 11 years in the full time pastorate, Ian was again commissioned to “go beyond the walls of denominationalism”.

He has witnessed, over the last 27 years, a strong prophetic call and anointing. He has ministered in many diverse settings, from Universities, camp meetings and synagogues, to many different denominational churches, in England, the U.S.A. and across Canada.

Further to this, Ian has owned several businesses, including a house renovating business that focused on kitchen and bathroom renovations. He owned a window and door installation company that serviced five window manufacturers and employed as many as 14 men. He has also worked with a large company, that built church buildings, as a site supervisor. His goal in all his business ventures was to be an example of Christ, providing things “Honest before all men”.

Ian’s desire is to see the members of the body of Christ built up and equipped to destroy the works of the Devil.

His continual prayer is that all the glory goes to Jesus.

The Lord has recently called him and Glenda to move out again into the harvest field, and to go to the Body of Christ with a powerful message of hope. This also was confirmed prophetically and the Lord has specifically called them to start in Edmonton.

Ian is a credential holder with Fellowship of Christian Assemblies (FCA) and believes in being accountable to the whole body of Christ. He has a real “servant’s heart” and views the ministry as both a joy and a tremendous privilege.

He is uniquely led by the Holy Spirit to give powerful prophetic messages for communities, church fellowships as well as individual persons. (See the testimonies on the website).

Ian will be available for meetings across Canada, as the Lord directs.
For Eastern Canada, you can contact his long time friend, Pastor Fred Saulnier, in Bowmanville, Ontario at (905) 697-8636 For Western Canada, contact him directly at office@theshepherdsvoice.ca or call Ian at (250) 809-4676. You may also visit our website at www.theshepherdsvoice.ca.